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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tribute to Ravelry

One of the blessings of being unable to move a great deal presently is that I have had the time to be still and update my Ravelry pages. It took two days as I have not posted any projects or progress for more than a year.

That I have not kept my pages updated has made me feel quite ashamed as this is one of the most valuable resources that Ravelry offers. One is able to look at the same project seen through the eyes of many different crafters and marvel at the ingenious ways that these amazing people show their individually and skill. It is awesome.

I use Ravelry a great deal. It is wonderful to find out more about a pattern or a yarn that I want to use or buy. The catalogue of free patterns available is amazing. I check out new patterns and and often download purchases into my library. I visit friend's pages to see what they are making. I follow discussion groups of podcasters. There are, I am sure, at least a dozen other ways to benefit from this wonderful site, as I am still learning all the time.

I find a kaleidoscope of inspiration, sometimes overwhelmed by all that is on offer.Ravelry is a fabulous site and a great community of sharing. My life would be all the poorer if it did not exist.

I feel that I have been a poor community member as I have already received so much for the little that I have given. I will endeavour to be a community member so that the richness of sharing what is created can be sustained, continued and enjoyed by all who use this site.

Thank you to all at Ravelry for the amazing work and development that you have done.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Those darn socks.

Modelled by Himself

The Knitmore Girl's Podcast about socks got me enthusiastic about knitting socks again. The socks are knit with two circular needles and Gigi is forever extolling the afterthought heel so I felt that as an avid knitter I would be failing in my duty if I did not give it all a serious try.

I did reseach. Jasmine tweeted and also posted a blog on the afterthought heel as she knitted it. I read this. I found a youtube video that showed the circular needle technique. I was almost ready.

I ordered the needles online from Get Knitted and then looked for the appropriate yarn while I waited for them to arrive. Within 48 hours they popped through the letterbox and on the same day that I visited Sandcastles in Lee-on-Solent and found beautiful Regia Silk Color yarn.

The socks are done. They have been my challenge as Borneo has never ending feet. They were not without other mishaps too.

The anaesthetic from last week addled my brain and I cannot count. I had to knitting the toe decreases several times as my counting was not correct. They are now beautiful. See for yourself and the yarn is soft and silky. I really like it even if the colours are not my choice.

This is what they looked like before.  The blue silk line is the marker for the afterthought heel.

This is where I picked up the stitches when I had completed the tube to knit in the heel.

I really enjoyed this method and have picked up the Cookie A 'Cubist Socks' that I started earlier in the year for myself. They are going to get the same treatment and I shall enjoy the pattern too.