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Monday, 24 January 2011

Forest Spring Echo FLowers

I joined the Historical Craft KAL for this project and it has been great fun. It is one of the nicest ways to knit something as there is a lot of help and and great comments on the forum. It is the first time I have done one of these and has promptly encouraged me to join Taziana's mystery KAL which starts in a couple of weeks.

Here are some lovely pics of a shawl that I thoroughly enjoyed knitting. It was a lovely intuitive pattern and worked so well even when my brain was absent. I loved the way it looked like a ball of yarn before it was blocked and if my brain was operational, there would have been an photo of it before it was blocked.

Blocking in France is an adventure. I finally settled on the clothes airer which I pinned a towel too and the stretched the shawl out after it had been soaked and spun in a pillowcase in the washing machine.
Here it is drying in the weak sun today.

Trudi quite fancies it. It is in her colours. When I saw this yarn I knew it wanted to be an Echo Flowers. It reminds me of a forest spring with autumn leaves in it.

My photography skills are not great today. I seem to be out of focus in places.

A close up of the edge.

Draped artistically.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Borneo's Bright Blues

After I had finished knitting my mittens there was a great humphing beside me when I wore them. SOMEONE noticed that it was much easier for me to operate my camera..... I quietly ordered some yarn online and when it did not arrive in time before the French Trip, I rushed in to C&H and bought some. SOMEONE accompanied me and was quite sulky until I waved the yarn under his nose and said, " This is the colour blue that you wanted?" The sunshine came out in his grin and all was right with the world.

So now they are waiting for him when he arrives next week to join me here, hanging on the lemon tree.

I used my pattern from the early blog post and adjusted it accordingly. Thank you Trudi, for the loan of the hands.

Robyn tells me she is holding the yarn that arrived at home as hostage. She thinks it is some wonderful painted lace weight that I ordered.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Yesterday's fun

Thanks to Jeni from Fyberspates, breakfast this morning was a stylish affair.

Before Christmas  she posted a picture of an aran tea cosy which she had designed and knitted. You can find it on Ravelry. It delighted me and made me smile. I do not drink tea. I watched her site for a kit to be posted but so far I have not seen one or I have missed it. I would have bought it in an instant and still will.

It inspired me. While out shopping in Perpignan yesterday, I bought a chunky yarn and came home to create the Cosy Cafetiere Cover last evening. It was such fun. I found the rolling pin buttons in the shop in Perpgnan and loved them.

It is the prototype and I shall do another soon with some adjustments. Thank you, Jeni.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Merino Mittens

After I had worn my festive mitts, I was in love. I decided to make another pair with slightly longer finger sections as it is cold when I use my camera and it is great to have my fingers free.

After listing to the Knitting Pipeline Podcast, I realised that I had already started the little cabled twist stitch rib that Paula said she was using for her mitts. It is a stitch that I often use as it gives beautiful detail and is easy to do.

You knit into the second stitch of K2 in K2, P1 rib and then into the first before pulling both stitches off the needle at the same time.

So the Festive Mitt pattern was altered in the following way:

4 row cable rib pattern

Knit 1 row
Twist stitches next row
Knit 2 rows

Pattern Alterations

30 rows cable rib
6 rows knit before the thumb gusset.
The body of the mitt is exactly the same.
After removing the thumb stitches knit 6 rows.
10 rows cable rib
Cast off loosely.

Join yarn for thumb as per pattern
Knit 6 rows
Cable rib 6 rows.
Cast off loosely.

Happy knitting and do message me on Ravelry if you make them! I would love to see them.