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Monday, 7 February 2011

A Haven of heaven.

Last week, I took off to the Weavers Loft near Stockbridge to learn how to spin on a spinning wheel. I had a lovely chat with Julie before I went.  She has three wheels which I could try. There may just be a spinning wheel in my future....

Robyn and I went through for my first lesson on Wednesday morning and the second on Thursday because my hip is still mending and I did not want to place any strain on it. I had so much fun both days that I forgot to take photos and was admonished by everyone who I spoke to about it.

I went back on Saturday and spent 4 hours spinning in this little craft haven. It is a lovely comfortable place where people are encouraged to try things and to work at their own pace. It is one of the loveliest learning environments that I have spent time in. One of the things that I enjoyed the most was the sharing of knowledge.

I sat here while I was learning to spin on the traditional Ashford wheel. I seem to have fallen in love with it despite my thoughts of wanting something completely different.

This is some yarn that I spun earlier in the week. I filled the whole bobbin, well almost.

The Weavers Loft is a working studio. It has equipment and craft supplies everywhere which I love. There are baskets of hand-spun yarn,

baskets of bobbins for lace making,

baskets of embroidery thread

and a wall of beads along with the other craft supplies.

Then there are all the beautifully handmade and wood-turned gifts that abound, displayed in creative ways around the studio.

Lastly, there are looms, especially this beautiful floor loom which I covet.

This is a little haven of heaven for anyone who enjoys fibre crafts and wood. I look forward to my next visit on Thursday.