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Monday, 23 May 2011

A Dance with a Flat Pack

There was great excitement when The New Loom arrived promptly within 48 hours of being ordered. It arrived flat packed.

I had to wait until Saturday morning before Borneo could assemble it in peace and quiet and well rested. This thing with the levers is called 'the castle' I like that because it kind of looks like one.

Here I am threading the cords that hold up the shafts.

It took no time at all and it was looking beautiful. I keep on forgetting to say - please excuse the hideous wall paper in the background.

The loom is so clever. It folds flat for storage and transportation.

Every loom deserves to know that it will be well loved.

This is the test run. Again the threads are on the raddle, separating them before they are wound onto the back beam so that they come out the same size as whatever it is that you are going to weave.

She is now all threaded and ready to go in the morning when I will weave a small sample to decide on the final pattens for the scarf. She is an absolute dream to use, just so easy, and the threading was not arduous either.

I may be falling deeply in love.....

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