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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Quick update.

A very quick update. I have started several new projects to knit in between packing boxes of which about 15 have been packed now.

The first project is Travelling Woman's shawl which I forgot to photograph so will show that next time Both the patten and the yarn are lovely. The pattern is easy enough not to addle my brain and still enjoy knitting the lace even with everything else that is going on.

I have also started the new Cookie A sock pattern - Cubist Socks which is available as a free download on Knitting Daily. I am making them in Regia Hand-dyed Effect. It is great fun to knit and also and easy pattern to remember. I was told of the pattern at a store in London, "All The Fun at the Fair" which is in Kingly Court behind Liberty's. It is worth a visit if you are in the area.

I have not knitted socks for a while so am really enjoying these. I have knitted the first pattern have nearly completed the second. I have not got to the heel here. It is just stretched over my foot as a fitting.

Lastly, I fell in love with Louisa Harding yarn, Willow Tweed, which found its way home with me from London. I am knitting my own version of the "Smithy" cardi in her pattern book. It will have to be adjusted for my body shape as the patterns fall in unfortunate places. I did not like the eyelets at the bottom of the piece so have replaced them with the heart pattern which would have been straight across the middle of my breasts if I knitted the pattern to instruction.

I am on the stretch of stocking stitch at the moment which is also perfect for now. The colours will add interest later.

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