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Thursday, 20 May 2010

A week of completion.

This week had been a week of completion. All projects are now waiting to be gifted to the various people they were intended for and I am thinking about what I would like to do next and don't have any idea!

The baby jacket is very sweet with the teddy button but I am very pleased that it is finished. I will not be knitting this pattern again.

Ishbel is blocked and beautiful. The yarn bloomed beautifully soft when it dried. I am extremely pleased with it.

Lala's simple shawl will be perfect for Nana and I will post it later today. She will love it. It will give her great warmth over her shoulders in the colder weather.

I am pondering my next project. I want something simple that I can pick up and leave easily as I will be busy with the move over the next couple of weeks. There may be another shawl in my future or perhaps a cowl. I was given beautiful yarn for each and I have been itching to use it.

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