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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Borneo's Golden Christmas Crown.

As I mentioned in my last post, a friend knitted her husband a hat that Borneo saw. He proceeded to covet it. So against all my declarations of "no Christmas knitting under pressure" this year, on Friday, I started knitting said Christmas hat.

The friend generously donated the yarn, Elle, Merino Tweed, as it is difficult for me to get out into the shops at the moment. I received it at the Knitting Group Christmas Party on Thursday evening.

I bought the pattern, 'Habitat' from Brooklyn Tweed, online and started it on Friday afternoon. As the weekend intervened and Borneo was working from home on Monday, nothing was accomplished over those days. I finished it this morning. It was a really quick knit. Here it is unblocked.

The pattern was a joy to work with and it progressed with relative ease, except for the fact that a cold came to visit on Monday evening and made my body its home in the ensuing days . Fuzzy headed yesterday, I had to rip back 2 rows as I had turned a couple of cables the wrong way. I loved the size of the chart. It really makes it easy to read and work from them. Here is a better picture of what the pattern actually looks like. I love it!

Last night, on his return from work, Borneo almost caught me out and walked in on me knitting it, but the Universe stopped him at the corner shop, where he called me to ask if we needed milk. I abandoned it mid row knowing he was steps away. There were only 4 more rows to knit!

It is wrapped in a pretty Christmas bag with a blue ribbon, awaiting revelation on Saturday, ready to crown his head in warmth and love. Let's hope that he does not decide to randomly read this blog before then and spoil the surprise. 

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  1. This is one great hat , borneo will love. It is lovely to see some abandoned yarn servicing a good purpose. :)