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Friday, 24 December 2010

Festive Fingerless Mitterns

Last Thursday at our Knitting Group Christmas Party, we had a lovely yarn swop where I got the perfect yarn for Christmas Mittens. It is called Noro Aurora and has a sparkly tread woven into it.  It is very pretty.

I started looking for a pattern on Ravelry and could not find one I liked so I wrote one myself which I will share at the end of this blog.

I used the double circular needle method which I find makes knitting in the round much simpler but use DPNs if that is what is comfortable.

I knitted the first mitten taking notes, wrote the pattern and then knitted the second from the pattern so it all seems to be in order. Please let me know if it is not. Here you can really see the sparkle in the yarn.

Then there were two, all complete.

The final test is to try them, wear them and enjoy them.

Festive Fingerless Mittens

Any Double knitting yarn: 1 ball, 50 g
Yarn Used: Noro Aurora – wool-mohair blend
Gauge : 15st x 20 rows to 2 inches
Size : I have large hands and wanted snug mittens. Looser fit on medium hands. Stitches can be adjusted for smaller hands.

2 3mm 40cm circular needles / 4 3mm double pointed needles
scrap yarn / stitch holders
stitch makers
yarn needle

k - knit
p - purl
pm - place marker
sm - slip marker
m1 - make 1 by knitting into the back of the loop between the stitches before the next stitch

To knit these I used the double circular needle method. Use DPNs if you prefer this method.

Cast on 42 stitches with long tail cast on method. Divide the stitches equally, 21 stitches to each needle, making sure that they are not twisted and the last cast on stitches are on the back needle. Join the open end by slipping the last stitch from the front needle onto the back needle. Lift the second last stitch from the back needle, over the last stitch and onto the front needle.


Row 1 K2, P1 rib, repeat to end
Row 2-34 Repeat Row 1

Thumb Gusset
Row 35 all odd rows Knit
Row 36 K5, pm, m1, k2, m1 pm, knit to end (44sts)
Row 38 K5, sm, m1, k4, m1 sm, knit to end (46sts)
Row 40 K5, sm, m1, k6, m1 sm, knit to end (48sts)
Row 42 K5, sm, m1, k8, m1 sm, knit to end (50sts)
Row 44 K5, sm, m1, k10, m1 sm, knit to end (52sts)
Row 46 K5, sm, m1, k12, m1 sm, knit to end (54sts)
Row 48 K5, sm, m1, k14, m1 sm, knit to end (56sts)
Row 50 K5, sm, m1, k16, m1 sm, knit to end (58sts)
Row 51-52 Knit

Row 53 K5, place next 18 st on a stitch holder for the tumb. Turn knitting and cast on 2 stitches, turn knitting again and knit row. (42st)
Row 54 Knit
Row 55-67 K2, P1 rib, repeat to end

Cast off loosely using a larger needle.


Place stitches from stitch holder onto 2 needles, nine on each.

Row 1 Knit 18st, pick up 3 from the cast on after thumb gusset, 21sts.
Row 2-12 K2, P1 rib

Cast off loosely using a larger needle.

Weave in the loose ends. Put on and admire!

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  1. Very usefull pattern and executed nicely. thanks Elseline ! :)