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Friday, 9 April 2010

Baby Jacket and Ishbel shawl

The baby jacket and I are having and interesting relationship.

When I saw the pattern, I loved the texture because I am not an avid bamboo fan. In my opinion, bamboo stretches and does not always hold to the original shape so I feel the textured pattern will hold the stitches firmly.

This pattern has been effort for me. It is three simple textured patterns which I believed I could whip through without much thought. That is the problem. I am not thinking and so have had to unpick it several times, the worst one being the whole of the left front yesterday as I missed 6 stitches of texture right at the bottom and only discovered it at sleeve height. Thankfully it is a small garment.

I have also found that the way the armhole decreases have been written is tedious and would not be very easy for a new knitter to understand and that did disappoint me. There are simple ways of writing these instructions so that it is easy to follow them.

All this said, the baby bamboo is soft and snugly. It is lovely to knit. It has a slight sheen to it and it looks lovely. I am enjoying the knit again. It will be a very pretty classic baby knit when in is done.

More important, Borneo likes it and it is his gift to give.

Yesterday, the yarn arrived from Fyberspates for Ishbel and it is gorgeous. It is cream with a blush of pink. Borneo ordered it for me, after flipping through the pages and showing me the colours while I was beading the Aeolian.

I chose it and did not know it is sparkly which was a lovely surprise. If I had ordered it myself, I would have realised this as it is called Sparkle Sock - colour - Blush. It will suit the recipient admirably. I do love it when the Universe gifts like this.

I started Ishbel at the knitting group last night but more of that at another time when the baby jacket is complete!

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