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Friday, 2 April 2010

Revealed Scarf.

Now that the gift has been given, the third woven piece that I made was a bright spring scarf. It is made of 100% merino baby yarn in pink, soft cotton in orange.

I used a feature yarn for the warp. and wove in a few stripes of it to marry the colours together.

The scarf on the loom.

Here it is finished. I am much happier with the edges this time but they still need work.

Although I used more yarn than I thought I would need for the warp, It was still shorter than I would have liked and next time I will allow at least another 30-40cm. All in all, it was another quick fun project which taught me a great deal and gave pleasure to the recipient which made it all worth while.

I did start reading my book again last night and it referred to something in the back pages which proved very interesting. By the time Borneo came to bed, I was reading the book backwards! Now I have missed the middle bit and there are some technical terms that I have no frame of reference for! It is not an optimal way to do things. So today at some time when Kelmscott is complete, I will attempt to put all the weaving information in order in my poor befuddled brain!

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